enjoy the best for less with Roleaf teas


Like you, we are frustrated how living well can be expensive and inconvenient

Roleaf understands how it affects your confidence when you can’t live well

A hassle to brew loose leaf? With our convenient tea bags, you do not have to compromise your wellness.

We source our teas directly to Malaysia to get you the best price. Best value for matcha powder, green tea, flower tea, black tea, blooming tea, rooibos tea and more!

The perfect Roleaf tea gift for your loved ones. Not too sure what you're looking for? Try our black tea gift set!

I love the wide range of the Roleaf teas with its affordable price. The Apple Cinnamon is my favourite because it tastes and reminds me of my childhood.
Amin Ghasemzadeh

Visual, Sensory and Technical Judge, Malaysia Barista Championship & Malaysia Latte Art Championship '18-'20

We’ve been using Roleaf for over a year now and what I love most about them is the quality of tea leaves. The teas are delicious and they also offer a really nice mix of blends. My favourite is the Peach Green Sencha tea! Service is excellent and I would highly recommend Roleaf!

Yong Mei Ling

Malaysia Tatler's 300 List, Director of Baban, Tigerlily Thai and Kanteen

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From understanding the intricacy of English afternoon tea to tea tasting of rooibos tea, explore lifestyle and wellness. Find out more about how teas can help in losing weight. Read more about the exquisite world of green tea leaves, tea brewing tips, recipes and gain more insight into the world of teas.

Here’s to living life better.

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