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  • Elegant Earl Grey

  • roleaf loose/teabag Calming Chamomile in transparent jar

    Calming Chamomile

  • Peach Green Sencha

  • roleaf loose/teabag Matcha in transparent jar


  • roleaf loose/teabag Lemongrass Ginger in transparent jar

    Lemongrass Ginger

  • roleaf pink rose tea

    Pink Rose Tea

  • roleaf pu erh classic black tea

    Pu Erh Classic

  • roleaf loose/teabag Geisha Genmaicha in transparent jar

    Geisha Genmaicha

  • Everyday English Breakfast

  • Soothing Sencha

  • roleaf loose/teabag Prestigious Red Robe in transparent jar

    Prestigious Red Robe

  • Long Jing Green Tea


embodiment of wellness

Roleaf tries to uncover the history of tea which traces back to over 5000 years in China. Today, it has become an integral part of many cultures in countries around the world. From the classic English Breakfast to the Elegant Earl Grey that you will find in almost every English afternoon tea. Also to the trendy green tea that is almost impossible not to find infused into your favorite dessert.

The world of tea has yet to be fully explored. But, here are an assortment of Roleaf teas which we have carefully curated for you! Over the years, we have taken time and drank many (many) cups of tea to ensure that you are getting the best quality. The selected teas are teas which we would drink at home or give to our best friends!

Of course, you could be completely new to the tea scene or an acclaimed seasoned tea connoisseur. However, we trust that there that you will find at least something which will tantalise your taste buds. Our Roleaf teas range from the highly prized oolongs like our moderately baked tie guan yin from the mountainous regions of Anxi, China, to our more classic Elegant Earl grey and English breakfast blend originating from Ceylon. Or how about trying our twist on the sencha in peach, rose or citrus blends carefully crafted by the Japanese tea artisans?

We will always be on the look out for the next tea, constantly sampling teas from various regions and plantations.  There is still so much more to the tea world that we have yet to discover. Without doubt, we are so excited to continue this journey of exploration. We hope to always provide you with what we know best and maybe learn a thing or two from you as well!

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