Love At First Sight Blooming Tea


Love At First Sight Blooming Tea


Tasting Journal Snippets: 

Floral aroma, pure and smooth taste.

Tea Liquor:

Light yellow.


Light bodied.

Brewing Time:

3 to 4 minutes until bloomed.

Brewing Temperature:

83° C

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Tea Profile

Ingredients: Tea Leaves, Jasmine & Other Flower Blossoms

Love at first sight blooming teas are created in the remote tea gardens in South Western Yunnan province of China. The teas are picked in the early mornings, while still damp with dew, and sorted into bundles of equal length and weight. The tea leaves are then flattened and hand sewn with cotton or silk threads by Chinese artisans into rosettes of various shapes. The tea leaves are scented with jasmine and other mild flavored blossoms.


Origin: Yunnan, China

Blooming teas are sourced from the Yunnan province in the far south east of China. Its existence can be traced back hundreds of years. Each blooming tea ball is delicately hand-sewn by an experienced tea artisan. Flowers commonly used include globe amaranth, chrysanthemum, jasmine, lily, hibiscus and osmanthus. First, they tie up green tea leaf buds into a bundle using either silk or cotton threads. Then, edible flowers are delicately tied to the tea leaves rosettes. Tender care is taken to make sure that the flowers are fully hidden and wrapped by the tea buds. The flower will not bloom properly when steeped if this crucial step is not properly handled.

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