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Dong Ding Oolong

Dong Ding Oolong



Tasting Journal Snippets: 

Sweet, fruity and creamy, with a clean finishing.

Tea Liquor:

Light yellowish brown


Medium bodied

Brewing Time:

4 to 5 minutes

Brewing Temperature:

90° C


Dong ding oolong tea

Tea Profile

Dong Ding Oolong, also translated “Frozen Summit Oolong” is one of the most famous and finest Oolong teas. This tea is cultivated high in the Dong Ding mountains, Taiwan since the mid-1800s.  Refreshingly tasty, this tea is naturally sweet, a lush mouthfeel with a strong and captivating fruity aroma.


Dong Ding Oolong was brought over from the Wuyi mountains in Fujian Province to Nantou County, Taiwan. A farmer in Lugu named Lin San-hsien planted 12 of the oolong seedlings on Dong Ding Mountain in the Lugu area. The region is ideal for the growing of tea, with a temperate monsoon climate, strong bright sunshine, and constant afternoon fog. Because the tea mountain is quite steep, people had to walk on their tiptoes to climb it, which is referred as “grasping the peak”. In the local dialect, that happens to sound like “frozen summit” in Mandarin (dong ding).

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