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Osmanthus Fragrans

Osmanthus Fragrans



Tasting Journal Snippets: 

Pure, fresh and quietly elegant fragrant.

Tea Liquor:

Bright and light yellow



Brewing Time:

4 to 5 minutes

Brewing Temperature:

100° C


Osmanthus flowers

Tea Profile

Also called tea olive, fragrant olive or sweet olive, osmanthus has a long history of ornamental and medicinal uses. Osmanthus played a role in traditional Chinese wedding ceremonies as a symbol of love and romance. A poet named Song Xhi Wen from the Tang Dynasty quoted “sweet-scented osmanthus seeds fell on the Moon as its fragrance in the sky was wafted through the clouds”.


Osmanthus, a yellow-gold flower grown in Fujian, Southern China. The region with its mild climate, fertile soil and abundant rainfall, provides excellent natural conditions for growing good quality Osmanthus flowers. It grows in autumn, and does not grow on a bush like chrysanthemum, but instead, it is an evergreen shrub or small tree that can reach up to 12 meters tall. The flowers are delicately tiny and grows on the branches.  The time between when the buds open and completely drop onto the ground is short. In fact, it is only 9 days and there are only 3 days during this time when Osmanthus has the most ideal aroma and taste. Once the farmers pick the flowers, they will dry the flowers for 14-16 hours in order for it to retain the bright yellow color.

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