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Dragon Pearl Jasmine

Dragon Pearl Jasmine



Tasting Journal Snippets: 

Refreshing jasmine taste with floral aroma.

Tea Liquor:

Pale yellow


Medium bodied

Brewing Time:

3 minutes

Brewing Temperature:

80° C


Dragon pearl green tea, jasmine petals

Tea Profile

Dragon pearl jasmine are beautiful hand-rolled pearls of young green tea leaves scented with fresh jasmine flowers. Every pearl has a rich and floral aroma with a pleasurable and delightful flavor. Delicately beautiful, the pearls have been commonly used as a gift of love.


These prized jewels are hand rolled with green teas and jasmine flowers from the Fujian province of China. The subtropical, mild and humid climate provides the perfect environment for growing the tea and jasmine plants. Soft, downy green tea buds are picked in early spring and hand-rolled into pearls and kept in cold storage until the blooming of the jasmine flowers. Chinese tea growers are only able to harvest the jasmine flowers during the summer months when they bloom. The buds are handpicked during the day when they are closed. At night, when the flowers bloom, it can then be used to scent the tea pearls. This creates the unique flavor and distinctive aroma of the tea.

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