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6 Tips to Staying Healthy during Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year tradition is merry for the heart but maybe not as healthy for the waistline. With the abundance of yummy food and snacks available, how does one go about keeping fit and healthy during this festive season? We are here to help with getting your body on track after eating so much junk food and sitting day and night. Is your throat sore? Do you have a bit of a cough? Is your skin breaking out or your body feeling sluggish and bloated?  Here are a few friendly pointers that will help you get back on track.
6 tips to staying healthy this chinese new year

1. Practice eating mindfully

It is far too easy to unconsciously chow down tons of junk while talking to friends and family. Stay aware of what you are eating. Chew slowly and allow for proper digestion so your tummy will know when it’s full.
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2. Calories

Don’t drink your calories! Minimize your consumption of soft drinks and beer as they contain tons of empty calories. Graciously ask your host instead for water or tea.

In fact, all that junk food has probably made your body very “heaty”. Barley, wheatgrass, peppermint tea – take these to cool down your body and get rid of unwanted effects like breakouts and sore throats.

3. Meals

Keep up with your regular meals. In brief, don’t skip breakfast, lunch or dinner in favor of junk food. Keep your stomach satisfied with wholesome and healthy foods, so that you are less likely to chow down that entire container of pineapple tarts. Your body was not meant to survive on junk. However, meat, vegetables, fruits – eat them and start to re-nourish your body with real nutrients.

4. Trigger Foods

Identify trigger foods. Generally, we all have some foods that are our absolute weakness. What is it for you? Bak Kwa? Keropok Udang? Fried Shrimp Rolls? Find out, and try staying away from them for the most part so you don’t go on a roll and binge excessively.

Enjoy everything in moderation. After all it is Chinese New Year. Nobody is asking you to limit yourself completely. All in all, it is perfectly fine to have a little snack here and there. Just do it in moderation, and your waistline will thank you.

A popular snack, a slice of Bak Kwa has approximately 229 calories and 8g of fat.

5. Exercise

Has your waistline expanded? Also, has the number on the scale gone up? There is no easy way around it. Furthermore, after sitting in air conditioned rooms for the past few days, your body is probably in need of a dire sweat to flush out toxins.

Unfortunately, the excess calories have to be worked off. Squeeze in a short HIIT session! It only takes about 20 minutes, and will help torch those excess calories.

Or go for a brisk walk outdoors. Try a sauna even!

Saunas are great for detoxing and reducing water retention. Just make sure to stay hydrated before and after.

6. Drink!

And no we aren’t talking about beer and soft drinks. Chug down lots and lots of tea and water because it will flush out all the excess sodium in your system. It will also help with your bloatedness and water retention.

Have fun! With these 5 tips you will get your body back in good condition in no time. Sending lots of prosperous vibes your way.

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