Yellow Chrysanthemum


Yellow Chrysanthemum


Tasting Journal Snippets:
Floral aroma, mild tasting with a sweet herbal note.

Tea Liquor:

Light yellow.



Brewing Time:

3 to 6 minutes

Brewing Temperature:

98-100° C


Yellow chrysanthemum flowers.

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Tea Profile

The yellow chrysanthemum (gongju) appeared in Japan around the 8th century AD and was later incorporated into the crest and official seal of the Emperor. Gongju means tribute chrysanthemum for it used to be tributes to emperors in ancient times. Now, it is commonly drank for its cooling and calming effect by people from all works of life.


Originated in the far East, yellow chrysanthemum is mainly planted in Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) City of Anhui Province. Yellow Mountain is renowned for having the most breathtaking mountain views in China. it has one of the best tea fields with the exceptional advantage of fertile soil, high elevation, plentiful rainfall and warm climate.Yellow chrysanthemum has a reputation for not only its beauty but also believed to have amazing health benefits.

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