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Green Rooibos

Green Rooibos



Tasting Journal Snippets:

Malty and slightly grassy with natural sweetness.

Tea Liquor:

Light golden orange



Brewing Time:

3 to 5 minutes

Brewing Temperature:

100° C


Green rooibos, plums, raspberry and peach

Tea Profile

Green Rooibos, which came from the same plant as the Red Rooibos, has a more elaborate production process which makes it more expensive than traditional rooibos. It is quickly dried after harvest to prevent oxidation which retains its high antioxidants. It has a delicate malty, herbal and slightly grassy flavour.


Over 300 years ago, the indigenous bushmen of the area, the Khoisan people, harvested leaves from a plant known as Aspalathus Linearis. The leaves were used to make herbal remedies for many ailments. These delicious and aromatic leaves came to be known as Rooibos. The Cederberg mountain region is the only place in the world with the unique combination of soil and climate to plant Rooibos. This bushy plant grows on the slopes of the mountains up to a height of 1.5 m. In fact, other countries have tried and failed to grow this exquisite and remarkable tea. Upon harvesting it, the young tea is still green. It is then blended with fruits from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the only place in the world with such a unique terroir of a fertile island to experience two monsoons which make it the country of choice to grow tasty and delicious fruits.

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