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5 Tips to Get Past a Full Day of Work Without Dozing Off

Work blues got you dozing off? Feeling sluggish and working from home because of restrictive movement caused by Covid19?

Getting scolded by your boss for not picking up calls? Here are a few tips to stay awake at home without your usual coffee shots.

1. Turn the lights up

Maximize your body’s exposure to light.The circadian rhythm, which responds to light – or lack of, regulates our bodies greatly. Therefore, the brighter it is at work, the more likely your body will excrete the right hormones for you to stay alert and productive. Also open all the windows and turn on all the neon lights you can. Don’t forget to increase your screen brightness. 

2. Music

Listen to the right kind of beats as music acts as a stimulant for our brains.. ‘How do you sleep’ by John Lennon may not be the best option.  In fact, if the extra focus is what you need, classic instrumental music works best. On the other hand, if an extra motivational jolt is required, try hip hop, dance, or electro beats. Remember, plug in those earphones so you don’t distract your family!

3. Snack right

Go for low Glycemic Index (GI) foods that can sustain energy for a longer period of time. Slow digesting carbs high in protein and fiber are good bets, e.g. nuts, fruits, peanut butter & protein bars. Equally important, avoid sugary snacks/drinks that will cause you to crash and burn after an initial rush.

4. Get moving

When all you do is sit and hunch over your work desk, it is easy to be dozing off. Do some jumping jacks or air squats. Even head to the pantry and get a cup of tea. Stretch! In brief, do anything to get some blood flowing and your senses activated again. Truly, a little movement goes a long, long way.

5. Drink up and don’t sleep!

You can never go wrong with tea because it gives you the right amount of caffeine to keep you sustained throughout an entire workday. Furthermore, tea gives you all the alertness without any of the crashes that come with coffee. Green tea and black tea are fantastic to sip on throughout the day.

These few hacks are bound to amp up your productivity and alertness while working from home. Good luck!

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