Pink Rose Tea

RM28.00RM456.00 RM22.40 - RM364.80

Pink Rose Tea

RM28.00RM456.00 RM22.40 - RM364.80

Tasting Journal Snippets: 

Floral aroma, mild tasting with a sweet note.

Tea Liquor:

Light yellow.



Brewing Time:

3 to 6 minutes

Brewing Temperature:

98-100° C


Pink rose buds.

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Tea Profile

Delicate and pretty small dried rose flower buds, fragrant and aromatic. It is said that rose tea has a higher level of Vitamin C compared to fresh fruits like oranges and grapefruits. And being caffeine free, Pink Rose is one of the favourite of the health-conscious.


The Gansu province of China is renowned for producing the best pink rose teas. Delicate and charming with an extremely desirable fragrance. The plants thrive on highland, at least 2000 meters above sea level, with continental climate of warm to hot summers and cold to very cold winters. With rich and fertile soil watered by several rivers, such environment is ideal for producing this highly delectable tea.

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