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Long Jing Green Tea

Long Jing Green Tea



Tasting Journal Snippets: 

Delicate and aromatic fragrance that is smooth and long lasting and similar to that of a freshly plucked green bean. It tastes very fresh, smooth and mellow with a hint of natural sweetness.

Tea Liquor:

Pale yellow


Medium light

Brewing Time:

1 to 2 minutes

Brewing Temperature:

80° C


Long jing green tea

Tea Profile

Long Jing tea is a variety of pan-roasted green tea from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China where it is produced mostly by hand and has been renowned for its high quality, earning the China Famous Tea title. If drank in right proportions, it may even act as a weight loss agent.


One of China’s Ten Famous Teas (those teas previously only enjoyed by the Emperor), Long Jing is a variety of pan-roasted green tea from the surrounding area of the renowned West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. It takes its name from the “Dragon Well” located near Longjing village, west of the lake – a well built over a spring believed in ancient times, to be a gift from a dragon. The superior geographical environment and temperate climate with relatively cold winter and rainy summer of Hangzhou contributes to the tenderness and sweetness of the tea buds. Tea leaves which are picked early in the Spring and are then skillfully pan-fried in a wok brings out the tea’s unique characteristics, with slight sweet and bitter subtleties and the distinguished ‘roasted chestnut’ aroma.

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